Nia Benefits
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The Benefits of Nia
Aside from cardiovascular conditioning, nervous system conditioning is another important aspect of Nia.
1. Nia achieves a balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems through dynamic ease - the ability to condition the body to slow down or speed up with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.
2. Nia taps into the function of the central nervous system when it challenges coordination. Many movements in Nia promote neural activity across both the right and the left hemispheres. For instance, one piece of choreography can involve the circular motion of the right arm and, simultaneously, a fast kick with the left leg.
3. Nia integrates sensory and motor processes. Attention to sound and silence is improved with the use of complex music and movements that directly relate to both rhythm and melody. Visual imagination is stimulated as the choreography pertaining to the particular routine is akin to archetypal symbols described by many psychologists including Carl Jung (1989) (i.e., centering and the use of the mandala).
4. Nia classes expand proprioception, as the students are guided to pay closer attention to the sensations of each movement as the repertoire changes dynamically. Nia uses anything ranging from powerful kicks, blocks, spirals, balancing poses, grounded stances, turns, to shapes in space.

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