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Andreea's Biography
Andreea fell in love with Nia from her very first class, in 1999 led by Jilll Sackman in Thornhill, Ontario. She obtained her White Belt in August 2002, and has been teaching Nia classes and workshops since then. She is currently holding a Black Belt certification in the technique. Along with teaching Nia, Andreea is also a neuroscientist and currently examines how brain synaptic plasticity changes with various forms of learning at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. She obtained her PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at University of Toronto studying how multisensory, audiovisual integration changes with age. Her passion for science and research has always been complemented by her love for practicing the arts, dance and theatre. For two years, she has also performed on stage with the Romanian Theatre company Ars Nova. During the completion of her Bachelor of Science degree at York University, Andreea has studied human anatomy, kinesiology, and health psychology. For her honours thesis at York, Andreea studied the use of expressive arts (visual art, movement, drama, poetry and music) in improving creativity and overall well-being.
Andreea has also given numerous workshops on the connectivity between the mind and the body, and has hosted seminars for the community on how to enhance mental health through improving coordination and engaging in more systemic, whole-body movement.
In her Nia classes, Andreea combines her expertise of neuroscience and movement techniques to offer students a body-centered, in-depth understanding of the healing quality of movement, and its role in the rewiring of the brain and the rejuvenation of the body.

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